Classes are provided at all levels from Starter (Council of Europe level A1) to Proficiency (Council of Europe level C2). They are held twice a week, normally between 9 and 11.15 am or between 11.45 am and 2 pm for University staff, and also between 3.30 and 5.45 or between 6 and 8.15 in the evening for other participants. Each class is the equivalent of three Polish lessons (3 x 45 minutes). Participants will receive in total 180 such lessons. The standard group size does not exceed twelve participants.

New participants are recruited on either Placement Test results or Cambridge FCE and CAE certificates. Certification of completion of a course is based on Final Achievement Test at the end of the academic year, supported by at least 70% attendance record for non-exam levels or on the results of either live or mock Cambridge exam for examination levels.

The Centre follows a rigorous code of practice to maintain the highest standards of teaching, is regularly inspected by British Council and Cambridge University, and is permanently in liaison with Cambridge University in the field of pretesting FCE, CAE and CPE materials.

Lecturers are also monitored to satisfy requirements of the Ministry of Higher Education. They are at the same time oral examiners for Cambridge University