pre-CAE Level

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Speakout Advanced
Antonia Clare
  • This is a course for learners who have successfully completed the course leading to the FCE examination and/or have passed it.
  • It will include full revision and synthesis of grammar done so far and will introduce additional aspects of advanced grammar issues needed to go on to higher levels (courses for CAE and CPE).
  • The course will also include intensive work on the integrated language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) in order to increase general proficiency in English necessary to continue at higher levels.
  • Special emphasis is put on improving the vocabulary preparing the learners to the register awareness activities important in the preparation for CAE and CPE examinations.

duration of the course: 150 teaching hours 'lessons' (two semesters)

To complete successfully your course at this level you need grade A, B or C for Final Achievement Test and you must attend at least 70% of the meetings in the academic year.